Faraday cage:

We are of the opinion that the level of quality and finishing of the RF Cage is very important to all stakeholders, but especially for the radiographers as well as patients.

In our experience radiographers generally focus on the level of comfort of their work environment, ease of use, and workflow enhancements. Here you can think of:

  • RF Cage – extra sound dampening properties of the RF Cage
  • RF Doors – increased sound dampening, as well as electrical locking, pneumatic and sliding Doors
  • RF Windows – low moiré effect (high transparency)

Noise reduction is a key focus area in MRI environments, as the MRI can produce sound upto 120 dB, which is transferred to the walls, floor and ceiling either through the air or the structure of the MRI system. For this reason we improve soundproofing by covering these areas with acoustic mineral wool, installing double walls, and/or special antivibration sylomer.

Patients are also served by further improving the patient experience by offering visual therapy solutions. Here you can think of:

  • Visual therapy – Wall washing by means of RGB LED solutions
  • Visual therapy – LED lighted Skylight and Wall pictures
  • Visual therapy – Wall decoframe
  • Visual therapy – In-bore monitor solutions
  • Visual therapy – Wall projectors