The Ceren group of companies provides customized solutions for the healthcare industry.

Originally founded in 1997 by Professor Dr. Abdullah Toprak, a former Philips MRI FSE, the roots of the company are in Turkey. Now with locations in Turkey, Italy, and the Netherlands we are a preferred and leading supplier for multiple OEM companies around the world in the Healthcare industry for the supply & installation of Faraday cages, rigging and installation services (including setting-to-work) of large medical equipment and much more. We have installed amongst others MRI, Cathlabs, PET/CT, CT, DXR and MR Linac systems.

The CEREN ELEKTRONİK RF enclosure is basically a Faraday cage constructed of panels of high-quality copper foil wrapped around wooden frames, which are clamped together such as to ensure the integrity of the shielding throughout the life of the enclosure.