About US

  • CEREN CS IS A REOWNED SERVICE PROVIDER FOR MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SERVICES IN TURKEY, EAST EUROPE AND GCC. FOUNDED IN 1997 BY A FORMER BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER, Since then, CEREN CS expanded its operations, geographical presence, partners’ list and range of services and still continuing to do so. CEREN CS is specialized in providing medical equipment services, maintenance, repair, installation and power on CEREN CS is the only company that can provide Site inspection,B0 and Vibration measurement, Mechanical installation, provide and install RF Cage, PM and FCO altogether. CEREN CS is capable of providing the most complex jobs following international standards and controlled by high-end Project management. CEREN CS physical presence covers Turkey, Europe and GCC. While it’s reference projects can be found in over 40 countries world-wide.

What is the simple & solid facts behind of strengths;

  • Good understanding of supplier and also end-user needs & expectations,
  • Fast grasp & adapt to the prioritizing of supplier also end-user
  • Flexible & effective resource management
  • Local effective operational management, with corporate processes & KPI’s,
  • Efficient engagement through local management between teams and customers,
  • Advanced knowledge and expertise service management & organization establishment at the foreign countries.

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